5 techniques that the men must know to be beautiful


we have little tools for cutting the hair in cutting patterns like shaving, leaving us time
and energy. If you are upset about it, your skin is likely to be reduced, so that you only see half
done in the morning. With the following techniques you can look very clean and easy to see
1. Use the shaving gel to keep shaving gel 5 to 7 minutes to keep your skin dry during shaving.
Then start your work with the razor.
2. Use Conditioner instead of Shaving Gel: We're all here (near Shaving Gel). If the shaving gel
is low, it will be a total hollow space, and keep the hair conditioners at the court. It is easy to
hide smooth areas and provide a smooth drive.
3. At the time of shaving you need lip-balm: When you are shaved, you need to use the lip balm
to remove the blood when it is cut (if cut).
4. Forget lip bombs, as it has a toothbrush: it's really good for you. After cleansing your teeth
with a toothbrush, rub your lips with the brush – make sure that your skin smells on your
sensitive lips. That way, you get more sensitive to the removal of dead skin from the lips.
Replace earbuds with oil (oil): If you do not know that cleaning your ear with ear-buds, use olive
oil to clean the inside and outside of your ears. Use the walnut to dry the area where oil is used.
This oil keeps the inside structure soft.


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