Do you know why to submit flowers to God?


The beauty of nature is the earliest known poole. Nature is beautifully adorned with colorful
flowers. It is therefore a human being's duty to combine flowers as part of daily duties and to
consider flowers as part of their surroundings. It is not known about the importance of flowers as
part of Indian women's makeup. In many ways, flowers are also used in wedding processions,
decoration of the house, decorating the bride, festivals, pooja, and eventually death. So it is not
surprising to use flowers for the Divine Liturgy.
Some are just like flowering in the homes, especially in homes, to prepare gardens, or specially
in flower pots. Not surprisingly, there are 5 families in each of the 10 families. Most of the
flowers have become part of the day-to-day affairs. There is no surprise that nature lovers will
have flowers like a friend. Some are simply looking for flowers and they are looking for jobs that
are allocated to their plants.
According to Krishna, one drops of water, darbhalina, sculvaniya pulina and submit to me and
give me my grace. Tulsi leaf presented with devotion means that the burden of Lord Krishna
was overbearing, and the devotion is that the small one can provide the result of the grace of
God. Although not many types of offerings, even if the god of Agarbatti does not keep the idols,
even if it does not have idols with expensive ores, even if the incense is not dipping in the lights,
it is not possible to finish the pooja without flowers.
Faith is the belief that a single flower can be obtained daily by the worship of God through the
worship of many puja. Here we will learn about why the original flowers are offered here today.
And let's also learn about the right ways to submit flowers to God.
There are so many beautiful things in this nature that they are Poole, then whatever is true: no
matter what, without thinking. The beauty of the grass is also hidden. By submitting the flowers
to God, the concept of beautiful nature in this nature is presented to God. Following the process
of submitting the flowers, it is revealed how the devotee has devotional pros and conscience
God can receive many benefits by submitting the flowers: God's grace to the devotee who
lovingly submitted the flowers to God with regrets, so that the blessings of the devotees will be
blessed without the financial problems, by removing problems in terms of emotionally,
physically, friendly and family relationships, and gradually blessing the reputation of reputation
in society.
The flowers do not only change their surroundings but also spin out the way to positive results:
the underlying beauty and attractiveness of the flowers are hidden, and their fragrance pose a
positive view of the puja. Thereby making mental calmness and concentration increases.
Pooja's fruit is more common if you have yantra and mantras.
Puja also refers to the flowers: the first letter in the word puja refers to the flower, the second
letter refers to the Japanese. That means flowering japa. Japa is the name of the other God.
And the letter "J" also refers to the water.


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