Easy way to do pranayam?


There are a lot of advantages of yoga. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages
of yoga is the internal peace which they accept after fact to carry it out. You will accept
the pleasure of leading happier one and more expressive life and be able to live every
instant in the fullest. Yoga is the only form of session of format which implicates mind
both and mind and it helps in the beatitude of the person. One of the most well-known
advantage of yoga is that it reduces anxiety and tension
the modern worldwide situation with its agitated life and murderer's rivalry provides a
very fecund earth in development and expanse of Yoga. The practitioners of health
always questioned the effectiveness of Yoga, but now he is even recommended by the
doctors for the illness of health and disease, as a tension reliever and to supplement
other programs of health. There are several cases researched by yoga strict
soulageantes diseases or of adjustment as the illness of Parkinson, the illness of the
heart, sclerosis in plates and respiratory diseases

The ancient Indian system of yoga identified prana as the force of universal life or the
energy which differentiates the life of deaths and runs by thousands of subtle channels
of energy which they called ' Nadis ' and the centres of energy called ' Chakras '.
These the yogic original the clairvoyants noticed the power of breath to augment his
prana and developed special techniques of breathing to augment the energy of life,
support health and to create a repose, the clear frame of mind which is contributing for
Sources of Prana
We accept breath prana of the food, the rest, and being in a calm, happy frame of mind.
There is more a prana in the cool foods than foods in preserved food, frozen or stale.
Also the vegetarian foods said being in general of top is prana, while the meat, having
died, is considered low or prana even negative.
However, the most direct and immediate source of prana is breath – when our breath
stops, we die.


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