Facts About Thyroid?Treatment and Prevention?


The thyroid gland is a small gland found under Adam's apple in your neck. It liberates
hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which augment the quantity of oxygen your
uses of body and stimulate your cells to produce new proteins. By controlling the release of
these hormones, the thyroid gland determines the rate of the metabolism of the most part of the
organs of your body.
The thyroid gland is regulated by the hormone stimulating thyroid (TSH), which is made by the
pituitary gland in the cerebrum. Normally, when the levels of hormone of thyroid gland in the
body are high, they will 'put out ' the production of TSH, which stops the thyroid gland in its turn
to make more T4 and T3.
Problems occur when the thyroid gland becomes underactive (Hypothyroidism) or hyperactive
(Hyperthyroidism). The problems of thyroid gland are more common in the women than the
men. The cancer can also develop in the thyroid gland.
Diseases of thyroid gland sometimes come from inconvenient levels TSH, or can be caused by
the problems of the thyroid gland
The common symptoms include:
1. rude and dry hair
2. confusion or entertainment (often merged with insanity in the elder)
3. constipation
4. depression
5. dry, scaly skin
6. tiredness or feeling of slowness
7. loss of hair
8. menstrual augmented flow (women)
9. intolerance in the cold temperatures
10. petulance
11. cramps of the muscle
12. slower rate of the heart
13. Weakness

14. weighty catch
Treatment and Prevention
The ordinary treatment for hypothyroidism is the therapy of replacement of hormone of thyroid
gland. With this treatment, the hormone of synthetic thyroid gland (by eg, levothyroxine *) is
taken by the mouth to replace the hormone of missing thyroid gland. The treatment is usual of
whole life.
The most part of the persons who take the therapy of replacement of thyroid gland do not know
undesirable effects. However, if too much hormone of thyroid gland is taken, symptoms can
include is short of it stability, the palpitations of the heart and the sleep of difficulty. The women
who are pregnant can demand an increase in their replacement of thyroid gland of up to 50 %. It
takes about 4 – 6 weeks for the effect of an initial dose or a change in the dose to be reflected in
tries of laboratory.
They can treat Hyperthyroidism with iodine (by including radioactive iodine), the treatments of
antithyroid gland or the surgery.
Radioactive iodine can destroy parties of the thyroid gland. It can be enough to accept
hyperthyroidism under control. In at least 80 % of cases, a dose of radioactive iodine is able to
recover hyperthyroidism.


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