Raman is a devoted relationship between Hanuman


Anyone studying Ramayana can not talk about the relationship with Ramanujan.
Hanumanthudu is one of the most important achievements of Lord Rama's achievement. Lord
Hanuman has dedicated his devotees to Ram. Rama's wife Sita Devi is an ideal person to face
many difficulties to protect the honor of Lord Hanuman. Still, the famous stories like
Langkananam are in proportion, meaning the significance of Hanuman is found in Hindus.
But many people do not know the stories that are less familiar with the cordial relationship. So
some stories were incorporated in this article. These stories are the perfect affiliation of the
Ramanjans and are the most distinctive of the devotee of the devotee. It is not exaggerating that
the world is still worshiping them because of this affinity.
The first introduction of the Ramanjans: As we all know, every time that the human race is in
danger, Vishnu has come to earth in different ways, killing the evil people, and protecting
mankind and the earth. A famous incarnation of these incarnations is Ramavataram. The main
reason for this Ramavatra is that Lord Shiva wants to see Vishnu in this form. Rama is the son
of the stepmother, who are to take the state burden after stepfather. One day, Lord Shiva
decided to take a monkey dressed in Madurai and give them a front ramp. Anjana Devi Sutta,
Anjaneya is the son of Anjaneya.
Anjana Devi, who is considered to be the absolute incomprehensible Shiva, has sincerely
agreed to give her son. Rama was impressed by the performance before Rama. From then on,
Lord Hanuman was shadowy as a companion. Later when Ramu joined the Vidyadhithura
Gurukul for education, Hanuman took over Ayodhya and went to the valley of Kishkinda.
When he came back to Kishkinta: When Siddhivasan accompanied Rama and Lakshmana
along with Sita, Sugriva sent Hanuman to find out that his brother Vali was sent to kill him.
Sugriva, who was convinced that Dhoo dhubi-dwai was killed in the mangharam, re-entered the
kingdom and reached the throne for the rule of the state. When he came to the place of the
sword and sage, he was angry and drank from the throne of the throne, capturing the wife of
Saghira, and sukhiram, while he was gone from the cigaretta to the valley of the curse.
As the curse turns to the mountain o, then the head becomes tail. Wali frightened of this curse,
even the royal palace of the mountain. The suspicion that he was responsible for killing other
people, he came to know the details of Hanuman and he came to Ram Laxman. Then
Hanuman, who went in the form of a Brahmin, asked for their details and recognized his god as
Rama and fell on his feet and revealed his devotion to the devotees. Then he took the ragas to
the ragas.
The devotees of Hanuman are the ones who have completed 14 years of forest and Rama is
the king of Ayodhya. In celebration of the festivals with people's pleasure, Sita Devi gave
Hanuman a beautiful white pearl hymn. Hanuman started cutting each pearl in the cloak. When
angry Sita asked for the reason, he replied that he did not find Raman anywhere in the pearl. He

opened his chest to prove whether he had such devotion and showed Ram's appearance.
Pleased with this, Ramu blessed Chiranjeevi Kamam with good health.
The story of the Siddharam: We see Hanuman's sculpture statue at some point. The statue of
Hanuman is mostly green or red. The green color is his story, but there is a story for the scarlet.
The main reason for this is that Hanuman changed himself to the sparse.
The story is related to: One day Hanuman, when asked about Sita's wristwatch on her forehead
and asked why she was using the lamp, she described her love for Rama as a mark of respect.
To prove his devotion to Lord Rama, Hanuman mangled his body octane. After learning of this,
Lord Rama gave a gift to Hanuman, that the devotees in the future would see their personal
difficulties slowly decline.
The death sentence also leads to the devotion of Hanuman: Naradu once went to Hanumanu
and told him all the sages, except the Vishwamitra. The reason for this is that Narasimha
believes that Vishwamitra does not have the honor to be given to the sages because he was
once a king. According to the orders of the Narada, Hanuman believes in his faith. It does not
affect the unbelievers. But the narrator went to the unbeliever and urged against Hanuman.
Vishvamitra who was agnostic, ultimately ordered Ram to enforce the death penalty by the
arrows of Hanuman.
Rama is a faithful disciple of the unbeliever, unable to neglect the instruction of the teacher. He
told the Vishu to execute the death sentence to Hanuman, and then ordered the death penalty.


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