Unknown Facts About Ramappa Temple?History Of Ramappa Temple?


The Temple of so known Ramappa as the temple Ramalingeswara, is found
77 kms of Warangal, the ancient capital of dynasty Kakatiya, 157 kms of
Hyderabad in the State of Telangana in India of the south. He is in a valley
in the village Palampet de Venkatapur Mandal, in ancient Mulug Taluq de
Jayashankar Bhupalpally the region, a very small village for a long time in
front of his days of glory in 13th and 14th centuries. an inscription in the
temple dates it in year 1213 ap J.-C. and says that he was constructed by
general Recherla Rudra, during the period of the rule Kakatiya Ganapati
The temple is Shivalaya, where the lord Ramalingeswara is venerated. It is
majestically on 6 ft the high star formed the quay. The foyer in front of the
shrine has numerous sculpted columns which were put to create an effect
which combines light and space wonderfully. The temple is called after the
sculptor Ramappa, who constructed it and is perhaps the only temple in
India to be conscript as a craftsman who constructed it.
The roof (garbhalayam) of the temple is constructed with bricks, which are
so clear as they are able of the float on water. There are two small centres
Shiva on each side of the main temple. Énorme Nandi in, by facing up
centre of Shiva, rest undamaged.
Nataraja Ramakrishna revived Perini Shivatandavam (the Dance of Perini),
by seeing sculptures in this temple. The poses of dance, written in Nritta
Ratnavali by Jayapa Senani, also appear in these sculptures. The temple
remained undamaged even after repeated wars, depredation and
destruction during wars and natural disasters. There was a seism
mattering during the 17th century which caused a damage. Much more
small structures were neglected and are in ruins. The Archeological Inquiry
of India took the load.

The main door of entrance in the outside wall of the temple is ruined The
temple of Ramappa is found in Palampet, Venkatapur mandal which is 19
kms far from Mulugu Mandal (about 70 kms from the City Warangal). It is 6
kms of distance of Kota Gullu where another temple Shiva is found.
The tourists of Hyderabad can arrive at the Temple Ramappa via


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